Exact Shipping Cost! - No Lot Limits! - No Handling Fees!

♦ We charge shipping at cost: you pay the price you see on the stamp. If a mistake happens and you see a different price on the stamp, please let us know and we will refund the difference.

♦ We do not make discounts, sorry. It would also be unfair for those who don't ask. Requests for discounts will be respectfully ignored. All prices are as listed.

♦ New Parts are shiny, taken mainly straight from new Sets and never played with. They can have minor scuffing from rubbing against each other due to the poor way LEGO packs their sets. Our Lego is handled with obsessive care in a smoke free, pet free, dust free, dry environment.

♦ Over the years, LEGO has been changing slightly their molds to a point where it is inglorious to keep them apart. Since things in this matter are only getting worse, we may not distinguish some Mold Variations where we find there is no relevant difference. Our aim is to source the typical builder not the Catalog purist. This doesn't mean however that if you buy an expensive rare part we will send its more common and cheaper identical variant! At any rate, if you need a specific Mold Variation please ask first before you make an order.

♦ Lego colors are not consistent. Most notably current White versus vintage White. LEGO says they are within their «Tolerance Parameters» and we oblige. Therefore we don't distinguish these color variations.

♦ We don't accept a change of heart like cancelling an order or removing items from an order.