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Exact Shipping Cost - No Lot Fees - No Handling Fees


Prices, Fees & Total Cost

FEES: We don't charge Lot fees, handling fees, packing fees. or postage fees. IBAN payments are free for most Banks in the SEPA zone (at doubt ask your Bank). .


PRICES: We strive to provide a quality hassle-free service where you can find everything you want in just one stop. Seeking virtually every part LEGO ever made in every color, is a tireless continued effort and comes with a price. We hope that you appreciate that.


TOTAL COST: Our store has Instant Checkout and also accepts Quote Requests so you will always know upfront the Total Cost before comitting to purchase.


MINIMUM ORDER BYPASS: We are not currently accepting orders below our minimum order value.



Processing, Shipping & Delivery Times


SHIPPING TIME: We aim to process orders as quickly as possible and most orders ship within 1-2 business days after payment is cleared. Many ship within the same day, others will take days. It will mostly depend of the size (number of Lots) of the order. Also on Holiday season (Xmas, Easter, etc) expect some delays. Please do not mistake Shipping Time with Delivery Time, see below.


DELIVERY TIME: Although we usually ship very fast, we have no control over delivery times, because, even in Europe, Customs can take a long time to release the packages and will not update Tracking info until they do so. Please allow at least 15 days (30 days for overseas) before start worrying. Portuguese Post will only initiate an investigation after 30 days of Shipping, which they do in a proficiently manner: We proud to have absolutely ZERO lost orders. That's one of the reasons we only ship with tracking number.





NEW: New Parts are shiny, taken mainly straight from new Sets and never played with. They can have minor scuffing from rubbing against each other inside the Set. Our Lego is handled with obsessive care in a smoke free, pet free, dust free, dry environment.


USED: Used Parts are mainly bought here from secondhand stores, they are not washed nor perfect, but we reject subpar condition parts to the recycle bin.


VARIANTS: Over the years, LEGO has been changing slightly their molds to a point where it is inglorious to keep them apart. Since things in this matter are only getting worse, we may not distinguish some Mold Variations where we find there is no relevant difference. Our aim is to source the typical builder not the Catalog Purist. This doesn't mean however that if you buy an expensive rare part we will send its more common and cheaper identical variant! At any rate, if you need a specific Mold Variation please ask first before you make an order.


COLORS: Lego colors are not consistent. Among a multitude of examples, current snowy White versus vintage vanilla White. LEGO says they are within their «Tolerance Parameters» and we oblige. Therefore we don't distinguish color variations.



Legal & After Sales


♦ PAYPAL REFUNDS New TOS: According to Paypal March2020 New TOS, refund of comissions (fees) won't apply any longer. So, e.g., if you made a payment of 100 EUR, you will receive a refund of about 95 EUR.


IMPORT DUTIES: Costumers from outside EU may have to pay Customs charges in their country. This is outside of our control and is Buyer's responsibility. Please inform next to your Government Customs agency or seek online for how much could be expected.


EU LAWS: We comply to Decreto-lei nº 24/2014 wich transposed the EU Directiv nº 2011/83/UE with regard to EU consumers.


TRACKING: Tracking number is included on all orders.


PROBLEMS: In the rare instance we make a mistake or the order is incorrect,please let us know and we will endeavour to fix it as soon as possible. Communication is key.