Corona Virus

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LATEST UPDATE CORONAVIRUS: Different countries have put measures in place that have an impact on the logistics process. For many countries it’s still possible to deliver parcels by local Postal Services but delays may occur. The number of flights and their capacity is still very limited, and we are dependent on the local situation for deliveries. That means we cannot currently guarantee delivery times for shipments to these countries. We will of course do all we can to deliver your parcels as quickly as possible. We are able to ship to every country but some restrictions delay may occur. If you do not wish to rely on your Postal Service, we strongly advise you to choose either CTT Expresso or Private Courier.

For these countries don't expect deliveries any less than 2 months by local Postal Service:

  • USA (USPS is overloaded and understaffed. USJKA, the main US hub is at a chaos with a huge backlog of containers of packages yet to be processed. Even between states, 2 month deliveries have been reported.)
  • Canada
  • Americas in general
  • Israel & Middle East in general
  • Vietnam (Trans-shipments in Thailand, may delay deliveries)

For these countries please expect deliveries to be have some delay:

  • Italy (Most parcels are delivered in a timely manner, but over a month has been reported too.)
  • Malta (Trans-shipments in Italy may delay deliveries.)
  • Ireland (Trans-shipments in Conventry, UK may delay deliveries.)

This list is not exhaustive and is updated on a daily basis and there may be other delay affected countries not listed.

Again, if you want your order to be delivered fast, please choose Private Courier or CTT Expresso!


PROCESSING TIMES : We are doing the best we can to send out orders as fast as possible, but with lots of orders (thank you! heart) and not willing to compromise our well known quality of parts and careful packaging, we may run into some delays, especially on big lot orders. Please be patient. Please be kind smiley


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Last Updated: 10 Jun 2020